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   The local Inspectorate of English Language of Oran with the teachers of that district organised a farewell ceremony to honour the commitment, communication skills,overall professionalism and the sense of humour of Mr T Zebbar, Middle School Inspector who retired recently.



   Heightened with the presence of personalities from the world of education; Mr K.Bereksi, a former Inspector General - a leading light in TEFL , Mr M Louznadji, Inspector General - a source of inspiration, Mis S.Belbachir, a teacher trainer dedicated to education in Algeria, the ceremony was hearty; full of emotions and sincerity.

    For those who didn't have the chance to work with the man, the boss, let me confess that not everyone like me is lucky enough to find a friend, mentor, idol, leader, teacher, manager and counsellor in one person. Thanks for being my all in one colleague.


T.Zebbar is for educators what D. Beckam would be for an aspiring footballer, Brad Pitt would be for an aspiring actor. Just like all trees need water to grow and all humans need air to live, education needs people like him to survive.

    I want to thank him for promoting and giving a raise to co-workers, more importantly, I want to thank him for identifying people's skills and giving them chance to prove their worth in TEFL. So, Thanks Boss.

   Magazines rate people of art as the top in the world. That's because they just haven't discovered him yet.

    The biggest problem in having an extraordinary person like him is that I'll never be happy working with anyone else ever .

   Mr T. Zebbar has really limited my career options because I'll fellow him soon. Thanks Boss.



By Mr.Mokhtar Djebara

Middle School Inspector of English

Oran 2014


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 Congratulation Sir,

I never regret the retirement of a committed educator, I do rather seize the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude that I met such a person a day in my life.

I was introduced to Mr.Zebbar as a novice teacher when I gave a presentation to my colleagues. We were in early days of the educational reform, with limited ICT material and skills.

I would be boastful if I say that he was impressed by our presentations. But he was so dedicated to teachers under his supervision that he had planned a professional development course for them and invited us to share with them what we learned from research and collaboration with our Inspector, Mr.Louznadji.

 Mr.Zebbar's care is so obvious on his face. It was end of April, this means the end of the school year, and we worked with more than 100 teachers.

Mr.Zebbar, you are simply a real coach!


Respectfully yours,

Kheira Mezough



Dear Tayeb,

Please, accept my warmest congratulations upon your retirement. You have enjoyed a long and productive career you can just be proud.

Please accept my vehement protestation of gratitude for your serious, methodical and hard work.

Please kindly accept the expression of my cordial thanks for your generosity, kindness and heartedness.

May God help you in your future endeavours, dearest Tayeb. 

Mustapha Louznadji 


 To All My Wonderful Colleagues,

You know now that I am a retiree.  I wanted to hide it but some very “kind” friends organised a party to make sure I am not going to resume work.

 I’d like to thank each and every one of you,  for your help in creating a satisfying and pleasant work environment over the last 14 years spent in The wilaya of Oran.

As happy as I am to be moving to a next life, I confess that I am also a little sad that I won’t be seeing all of you on regular basis. I’ve enjoyed most of the time spent among you, working, assessing, helping, “quarrelling” and joking sometimes in hilarious atmospheres.

But, beyond this, and most important to me, I’ll surely miss working with you and learning from you. I’m quite happy of what we have achieved lately, and I sincerely thank you for backing me during all those years.


Thank you Kheira, Mokhtar and Mustapha  for your nice words.


You left your job, but I am certain you'll never stop working on things you love to do. I'm glad that you are retiring simply because I'm looking forward to seeing you more often, Master!

Best wishes.

Khalid Baghoussi
Mentor, Mostaganem


Dear Sir,
Please accept my sincere wishes on your retirement. It is time to enjoy all the things you never had time to do when you were working. Mr.Zebbar, May your retirement be the best days of your life.

 Chikh Boudellal

 Senia New High School