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Please accept my warmest congratulations upon your retirement. You have enjoyed a long and productive career of which you can justly be proud. Your many contributions as a teacher of English as well as a supervisor are widely appreciated. You have demonstrated a lot of vision and initiative in working to develop the teaching of English as a foreign language in Algeria. More than this, you contributed in providing different sectors with educators, doctors, engineers, technicians and outstanding teachers.

  The years have really gone by fast and a lot of changes took place in all our lives. But the generations you have formed and the colleagues you have worked with can say nothing but acknowledge your generosity, kindness and big heartedness.  They have all learned from you, from your honesty, sincerity, serious, methodical and hard work

      I do congratulate you on the fruitful and rewarding years you spent as a supervisor. You demonstrated high skills and great professionalism.

     I truly hope that you are blessed to be able to accomplish the things you have planned and that you keep up the good work you have always done. May God help you in your future endeavours.

With best regards,

Mustapha Louznadji


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Hi there,
Alas,every beginning has an end and today it's the case.It's too hard to say goodbye to someone we once had the privilege to work with.Fortunately,one can bring back the memories of the old and pleasant days we spent together(you, mustapha,mohamed,lakhdar...) in Oran , Setif,Ghardaia...
Kindest regard.


Noureddine from Mascara:

It's the opportunity to wish you a happy feast of Aid El Adha, Inshallah to all the Moslems and the education family.
Special thanks to Mr LOUZNADJI.
For Mr Seddik, I hope you'll enjoy your retirement.
A long life full of health and wealth.


Kheira Mezough:

Dear Sir,
I did not have the opportunity to meet you face to face, but you could reach me with your kindness through our website.
You often seized the opportunity to support me with your encouraging words on my contributions to education in Algeria.
I dare not say it is a pity that I could not meet you, and your retirement is not an end at all. For, I always believed that teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.

Still I seize the opportunity to wish you happy retirement, may Allah bless you with new prospects and healthy life.

Respectfully yours,
Kheira Mezough



The best words a man can say have just been stated so perfectly by Mr Louznadji. I can only add one thing that I witnessed as a teacher , as I worked once under Mr Seddik's supervision. He was the first man in the supervisor's position who could make, at least me, feel secure and supported ...I learned from him lots of great things he might not have meant us to learn them ...things like kidness , modesty, perseverance and positivity We knew great people like him afrerwards , but still he's been such a great man in the task he had in hands...Congratulations Mr Seddik, that's, to my belief, what sucess is.


Hamid HAMI:

A great man.
Congratulations, guy.


Madjid TIR:

Congratulations Seddik for this well deserved rest after a long career in serving education with commitment and sincerity/
Personally, I consider myself privileged to be a friend of yours and to have the chance of meeting you now and again after your retirement.
The least one can say about El Hadj Seddik Ammari is that he is a handsome gentleman endowed with great human qualities; His kindness, empathy and generosity are beatifully combined with his wit and sense of humour to sow joy and merriment wherever he goes and in who ever he encounters.
Long livel Hadj Seddik in health and happiness.



Dear Mustapha,

I have read your congratulations and the teachers' reactions in both ELTalgeria site and facebook.Let me just tell you that I am so overwhelmed by the sensitive words and by these acts of kindness to pay tribute to me.I will never thank you enough.I am not sure I deserve all this but these kind words go straight to my heart.Thank you Mustapha.

NB: I will wait for some time before posting a few words of thanks in the site and facebook.


Chikh Boudellal:

Dear Sir, I wish our colleagues would follow your example -your creativity,determination,flexibility, orderliness and resourcefulness. You are really a GREAT MAN . Wishing you happy and enjoyable retirement . Here is an extract from a poem written by the Canadian poet David Ronald Bruce Pekrul . It could be suitable for your retiree. " Enjoy Your Retirement " The time is now yours , go enjoy it. Take time for yourself and kick up your heels, The world's at your feet ,go explore it . This is not a "goobye",it is a "see you next time", And I wish you God's blessings each day , May you always be happy and never forget . Chikh Boudellal Es-Senia - Oran-


Dear Mr  Louznadji,
First of all I would like to thank you for the creation of this website which keeps teachers in touch wherever they are.We are kept up to date with all the events related to teaching.Congratulations to Mr seddiki who seems to be a great educator.I wish him more success in his life and to keep in touch with us through this website.
From Adrar
Mr.Kheir Nessark
Warm congratulations Mr AMMARI. Teachers in Médéa still tell me sweet things about you and so do those in Bejaia. You've been a great man and you'll stay. You will certainly be brought back in memories for long. You desrve all the best. Now take time to get profit from the rest.



Mr. Smail Baali

You were my supervisor and you showed the real virtue of man.

Determination, devotion and open-mindedness were your traits along with firmness and the sense of guidance. May Allah and He only reward you the best.

The retirement of an outstanding figure of education: Mr.Ammari Seddik

Congratulations Mr Ammari upon your retirement .I can’t find the right words  to describe your remarkable  and great personality. Let me just try to say that you are one of the rare and valuable candles who lit the field of education you so wanted to serve with love , passion and dedication.I still remember your everlasting advice you gave to ELTs of Ain Defla, « I may visit you once a year,please take care of those who visit you everyday,our sons. » I was one of the lucky teachers who accompanied you during CAPES Tests,and there I discovered how talentuous and resourceful you are ! So what shall I say ? Farewell or good bye dear supervisor ! No I would ask you to do education a favour ! Your rich experience is certanily worth to be mentioned on published works.  We all need to be enlighted with your vision and opinions on various situations in teaching English as a Foreign Language in Algeria. Be  proud of the generation of teachers and supervisors  you let in the field. I ask Allah to give you life to savour the fruit of your long  and brilliant career.

Ahmed Fehat
Beside the rich career there is the man; very wise with a sharp sense of humour, a real Monsieur!
Lakhdar Fridi


Congratulations Mr Ammari! Sure, you deserve more than our acknowledgement to your sacrifice, achievements and contributions to Education all along your bright career. Long life full of good health and happiness. Bless you!

Youcef AGUEDAL (Djelfa)


Affectionate,smiling,honest,helpful,good,toleant,patient,trustful and creative as his name "Seddik " reveals.
A talented Man of great ability.Very serious,adamant and firm when busy working.

Humorous ,a joke narrator to help us relax after a hard working day.Thank you for your dedication,loyalty and fidelity to education.
We never forget such a great man.Happy retirement.Take care.


Dear Seddik,
I apologize first for not having congratulated you earlier, and I do believe that you deserve all tributes and praisals sent to you via Mustapha's website. We all will miss those joyful and warm encounters we have had together throughout the last ten or more years, that sense of devotion and responsibility during work sessions and that acute and subtle humour.
Let's keep in touch ; may God open other successful prospects for you ; enjoy your retirement.



 Dear ALL,

Words can hardly express the surprise,the joy and the gratitude I felt at the wonderful words you,dear colleagues,dropped through the social network when you learnt I have retired.I was immensely surprised and happy to read the nice words  and the good wishes you sent. It was so heart-warming and so moving that  tears welled in my eyes .I never dreamed that my retirement would involve so many people.It is true that I have retired but I wish our paths would cross one day.To all of you who took time and energy to share  this event,I have to say a big  thank you - to each and everyone of you-I am most grateful! No doubt,this was made possible thanks to the initiative of Mustapha who let everybody know about it.I am sure that,being the all the time available kingpin,he will continue play this fantabulous role of coordination.Thank you Mustapha.Thank you all, dear colleagues and friends.
                                                                                            Seddik AMMARI